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Faith & Anyan

For the longest time I've been wanting to do a "city" inspired photo shoot. Something casual, laid back but stylish all at the same time (which isn't in everyone's wardrobe). The location for this shoot is the Buford Historic square. I was a little afraid of how the photos would come out since the sun was on full blast and I'm not full comfortable shooting in broad day light. Ironically enough the few photos we took in front of the garage with the sun on my subjects ended up being my top favorites! Hope ya'll enjoy this gallery.

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Anabel & Everardo, Toccoa Falls

Anabel and Everduardo reached out to me a week ago to schedule a engagement session. It was all very last minute with their wedding being just two months away. None these less, we walked away from Toccoa Falls with some beautiful photos, enjoy!

Karen & Noel's Engagement Session

I know that not everyone is a fan of black & white photos but DAMN these look good :) For my non black & white lovers, keep scrolling you'll find the photos in color. I've shoot here a bit and I'm familiar with the gardens, I spent a few weeks here for an art class and it's absolutely beautiful. I totally recommend making a trip to the botanical gardens in Athens and going to Cali-n-titos afterwards(that's what i did).

Karen & Noel were Great! I sometimes have trouble making my couples genuinely laugh through the whole session but these two brought Karen's mom and there was an over flow and candid smiles and laughs!